DESIGNISED recognizes the increasing importance of the design and style of the objects we use and surround ourselves with in our daily lives. The objects we display in our homes, use at work, while traveling and during leisure activities, both reflect and create our identity. These objects color our world and they become a part of us.

DESIGNISED understands that objects that are well designed and made will stand ‘the test of time’; we come to value them more as we use them. Such lasting objects are distinctive through their design integrity, their originality in function and the high quality by which they are made. These are objects you want to keep, collect and share.

DESIGNISED selects and develops such lasting designs for you and ensures the integrity of these objects when they are transformed from design into product. DESIGNISED involvement means that the range of objects we make available are original and lasting, with the design-idea as integral part of the product.

WEBDESIGN Basia Knobloch IMPLEMENTATIE Jan van Bruggen